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  • graphic design
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  • facade design

In 2018 we were approached with an assignment: to create name, image and visual identity for a furniture brand. Up to this point, the story was expected to be usual (were it not for what we do on a daily basis), but it didn’t quite turn out that way.

The owners first entrusted us with all the aesthetics to be adopted in their first and (then) only shop as well as their opinion on the different models and aesthetic lines of their pieces. The latter were inspired by the naming and branding created by our team. All the Nordic Nature and Scandinavian line of thought, modern, with the naturalism, brutalism and depurated geometry sorted with the desired effect: a simple brand, but with very good products and that should not “scream” for presence, but for absence. “Because simple is great”, is certainly a statement of what Justwood seeks to offer.

Since then the follow up has been galloping and the 4 public shops opened in Portugal reflect the good taste, savoir-faire and entrepreneurship of the Justwood team always duly advised and accompanied by Redboxdesign in all its communication and promotion.