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It is said that the dream rules life and that we are always children, isn’t it? Well then. The Wing Club project consists of just that: a dream of the founder, come true, to create the biggest and best rock club in Europe. There are 3000 square meters of indoor entertainment area for adults, especially those who grew up watching American culture films and who value well-being, surrounded by friends, live music and entertainment.

We knew that the foundations of what would become the customer experience would be the endless American highways – with all their visual and cinematic icons – Harley-Davidsons culture and freedom. We created the name “Wing Club” to focus on that: the club of wings, freedom, the constant reminder of the ephemerality of existence and the need and importance of enjoying the (short) passage here.
This is reflected in the slogan “Freedom is All”, in the visual identity, in all communication and merchandising supports and in its website and online store, in addition to the consultancy we provide.